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Marching Band

The North Carolina Bandmasters Association, a division of the North Carolina Music Educator's Association, officially recognizes and sanctions marching band as a viable and credible 
performance-based ensemble in the teaching of music in a high school setting. We believe 
marching band can be one component of a well-balanced comprehensive instrumental music program.

The Marching Band Committee of the North Carolina Bandmasters Association believes that marching 
band must be educationally based and centered on enhancing public school instrumental music programs in North Carolina. It is the committee's belief that marching band is one extension 
of the high school concert band program.

Every decision made by the North Carolina Bandmasters Association's Marching Band Committee when 
establishing a uniform method of critique was centered on helping students and directors grow and learn.
Marching band competition can be used as a positive educational tool for the development of better 
musicianship, stronger discipline, self-motivation, and character of students. Since competitive marching
band can consume much time and money in preparation, extreme care must be taken to keep the activity
in perspective with the responsibility to educate. When these objectives are not the primary goals of a
program, marching band ceases to be educationally valid for students. Professionalism is the ultimate
expectation. As members of the North Carolina Bandmasters Association, each director is charged with the responsibility to act responsibly and demand the same of his/her entire professional organization.

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Marching Band 

All Chief Judges from 2014 and 2015 are automatically approved for 2016.  Any others interested in serving as a Chief Judge should complete the required recommendations. (instructions are at top of the above form)

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