North  Carolina

2011 Conference

2011 Conference Programs

Dr. John Stanley Ross, Conductor

Mr. Larry Shane, Conductor

Ms. Mary E. May, Conductor

Mr. James Copenhaver, Mr. William Moody,
and Mr. Scott Weiss - Conductors

Dr. Evan Feldman, Conductor

Major Jeffrey B. Waner, Commander/Conductor

Mr. Jim Kirkpatrick, Conductor

2011 Conference Handouts

Is It Time for a Check-up?
A Booster Shot for Your Woodwind
Pedagogy Skills
Dr. Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham, ASU
Dr. Alicia Chapman, ASU
Dr. Jon Beebe, ASU
Dr. Andrea Cheeseman, ASU
Dr. Doug Miller, ASU
Dr. Scott Kallestad, ASU

Building a Championship Trumpet
Section at All Levels
Dr. Tim Altman, UNC-Pembroke
Dr. Larry Wells, Methodist University

Paul Sharpe, UNCSA

White Oak High School Music Faculty
Maggie Ashworth
Perry Ditch
Jennifer Light
Jason Morton
Kim Piper

Dr. Kristopher Keeton, UNCG

Scott Rush, Wando High School,
Mt. Pleasant, SC
TED Talk by Benjamin Zander on
Music and Passion

Sequential Fundamentals That Include
an Individualized and Comprehensive
Comprehensive Approach to Sightreading
Scott Rush, Wando High School,
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Dr. Jeremy Lane, University of SC
Scott Rush, Wando High School